NYPSC Mission

The New York Product Stewardship Council, or PSC, works to implement the principles of product stewardship in New York State and nationally.

These policies have many benefits:

Product Stewardship

A strategy that employs financial incentives to engage manufacturers in the management of a product at the end of its useful life.

This policy approach seeks to relive local governments of the expenses related to managing specific product at its end of life by engaging the responsibility of the producer.

The premise of EPR is rooted in the fact that manufacturers have the greatest control over the products design and marketing, and therefore much greater influence on the ability to reduce toxicity and increase recyclability.

For Future Generations

Making products safer for people and the planet, from design to disposal.

Action Alert

We need you to act today to urge the Senate and Assembly to pass the Packaging Reduction and Recycling Infrastructure Act (PRRIA), S.4246-B (Harckham)/A.5322-B (Glick), this session!

Get involved and take action!

Follow These Steps

  • Click to find your Senator, then call and send an email urging them to pass packaging EPR this session, attaching the letter linked below if you can.
  • Click to find your Assemblymember, then call and send the same message urging them to pass packaging EPR this session, attaching the letter linked below if you can.
  • Click this link to download a letter of support that you can use for this outreach. Replace the highlighted text (including the footer) with your own information and that of your senator and Assemblymember, then save the letter and attached it to the emails you send.

Engage Now!

Want to do more?

The need for a new recycling approach has never been clearer. For local governments, that time must be now.

Get involved and take action!

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